Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Beach Part 2 - Can you spot the odd one out?

What's an outing without some food? Not an outing at all I say :). The girls were all eager to get back to the car after their sand dune adventure to eat and drink to refuel before the next adventure started!

As soon as we sat down on our seat, a visitor arrived. The dog promptly sat in front of us without sniffing us and trying not to look at us but all the while obviously hoping that something might come his way! I did in form of an applecore but 'dog' had a look and decided that an applecore was beneath him/her.

Isn't this a cool picture? Spot the 'visitor'!

Look to the top far left of the photo and guess what, that's the dog owner's van. As soon as we had packed up our lunch the dog went back to where he/she came from, the van!

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