Monday, October 11, 2010

The Beach Part 1 - Sand Dunes

Each school holidays I sit down with the girls at the beginning of the week and I ask the girls to write a list of things that they would like to do in the holidays. These school holidays the request was for a visit to the beach, not just any beach no C.astle C.liff beach! "You know Mama the one with the playground!" So being a good mother that I am (who does NOT like the sand or beach!) I took them out to the beach on a very nice warm day. The older girls in particular Michaela know exactly what she would like to do. First we had to play in the sand dunes, then have some morning tea, play on the playground a bit and then build sand castles! The girls had helped me to get everything ready that day including spades, buckets and ofcourse morning tea/lunch! I asked for the girls reaction after we had been to the sand dunes, what did you think? Michaela replied that she was disappointed as you couldn't slide down easily down the sand dunes. Mental note: take plastic rubbish bags next time!
Grace and Zara scaling a sand dune

Making a slide....
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Be rest assured that Mum was sitting on top of the sand dunes supervision the girls! Sorry to disappoint you but no I didn't join in!

Watch out for Part 2 tomorrow.....

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