Thursday, January 8, 2015

Random September 2014

Here are some more random photo's. Enjoy!

My favorite icecream place, Culvers, the BEST!
Pake's shout :)
Enjoying lunch at our favorite Museum
Science and Industry
look who sneaked into our cooler (chili bin)
Kate doing taste buddies at the Museum
Bye, sniff :(
See you this YEAR!
Happy Anniversary to me!
(I might have showed Albert a coupon for free flowers, just pay for shipping)
Aren't they gorgeous?
(Free is always better!)
Grace, Hillary and Kate dressing up!
We put nuts especially for our furry friends on our front steps! 
Grace demonstrating a Japanese tea party.

Checking the instructions :)
Look what we found at Costco?

Movie night
(Zara, Kate, Grace & Michaela)

The girls and Hillary on a park visit. We had lots of fun! 
Michaela and Hillary
Group photo

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