Thursday, January 15, 2015

Indiana Dunes State Park

The girls and I went one Fall/Autum day to Indiana Dunes State Park after being invited by a homeschool family. We had never been there as you have to pay to get in, that kind of put us off. It is always more fun to go with another family and so we decided to just pay and have fun for the day. As it turns out the two families that went covered the fee for us. Thanks! We all had a great day. We packed lunch, had a look at the nature center, climbed some big steep dunes and the older kids and I went for a long walk after lunch. A great day out! Pretty too with all the Fall colors!

Some of the kids
Some of the kids walking down to Lake Michigan
At the top of one of the dunes
(Grace, Zara, Kate and Michaela)
Zara and Grace
Older kids on a walk
Oh wait, a photo of me?
(Thanks boys!)
Older kids had a blast finding stones at the 'beach'!
Boys showing the girls how it is done!
I wonder what they found?
Ok, kids we need to carry on :)
But wait there is another cool stone.
Their attempt to pose for a photo for me.

All the kids reunited! 

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