Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Albert's parents gifted us membership to the Museum of Science and Industry (click on the blue text and check out this awesome museum!) and so we've been on lots of visits. One of the things that the Museum does is science labs. Well of course we HAD to attend some! Grace begged me to take her to the 'dissect an eyeball' lab which I did as a good Mum of course! Definitely not my cup of tea but I went and convinced Michaela to come as well. Grace was in her element and LOVED it as you can see from the photos. After our eyeball experiment we also went to a liquid nitrogen science experiment which was very interesting. The girls got to eat icecream made with liquid nitrogen which went down a treat! 

Grace - VERY excited
THE specimen 
The science teacher did an awesome job!

ewww look what came out
I don't think she wants to be here.

The inside
Team work

Eyeballs with the retina attached.
(the eyeballs were named 'Gary')
Making noise with liquid nitrogen. Fun!

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