Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pake and Beppe - Lincoln Park Zoo

We took Pake and Beppe to Lincoln Park Zoo one day. We hadn't been there in the summer so it was a nice treat to see all the animals out. The girls in particular enjoyed the farm animals and gardens. (We did pay for parking this time :).

Seals waiting for their carer
Grace, Beppe and Pake waiting for the Seal Show
Z is for Zebra oh Zara!
Posing for photos with Chicago in the background.

Family Photo
Vegetable Garden.
The girls enjoyed trying different veggies including Orca
Zara with a huge capsicum
Taking turns devouring the capsicum!
Praying Mantis 
Beppe and the girls
Did you know this type of sheep existed? I didn't

Oh I DO know about this cow, thanks to our Canadian experience :).
Was thinking of our Canadian friends, hence the photo!

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