Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pake and Beppe - Chicago Air and Water Show

One thing on Albert's wishlist was to attend the Chicago Air and Water Show. For various reason we haven't attended previous years and since Pake is a big fan also, it seemed the perfect time to go! I had asked for advice on where to park etc. seeing that there were going to be a lot of people going to the airshow, especially since the Blue Angels were performing this year. One of our church members told us about a parking lot but upon arriving we discovered that it was going to be about $40 per day (and that was the early bird fee!!). Ouch! We thought that we would just drive around and low and behold Beppe found us a park in the neighborhood! We 'squeezed' our car in the space and left for the day hoping that the car would be alright! At the end of the day, our car was still in the same spot (very obedient car, well trained!) and NO parking ticket! Free parking, that made my day!

The day was pretty awesome. We arrived early for which I'm thankful and managed to get a reasonable spot close to the shore. This stupid Mum thought that the website said that you couldn't swim in the lake but when we got there, there were heaps of people in the water. So the girls just went swimming in their clothes, it was warm enough! At least they were VERY modest which is not something that could be said from a lot of people, a downer on the day unfortunately.

One of my favorite displays was the plane/helicopter Marine MV-22 Osprey Helicopter! Flying backwards is pretty cool! The Blue Angels are pretty cool also, so were the parachutes!  
Marking our spot! (didn't look like this at the end of the day!)
Water attracts kids!
A heart just for me Albert?
Planes in formation
Zara enjoying the water
Coast guard display with Zara and Kate in the foreground
Parachute Team
Blue Angels
(It's quite a feat to capture them, they are VERY fast!!)
Father and Son
More Blue Angels
Pake and Beppe taking Selfies!
(Made me laugh!)
Trying out free toothpaste!
Free Parking is THE best!
Girls decorated Eeyore for the occasion!
Flying backwards is PRETTY cool!

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