Thursday, October 16, 2014

True Woman Conference 9-11 October 2014

(Phew I think Albert with the help of an online 'helper' has fixed the laptop! It looked like we might have had to buy a new laptop. So grateful that it's got a few more months at least!)
WOW! What an up building/blessed/refreshed/challenging couple of days!
Hannah and I had the privilege of going to the True Woman 2014 Conference(DO look at the link, you won't regret it!). I had to arrange quite a few things including babysitting for two days. Thanks so much for those who had my girls for the two days while I was at the conference. I'm pleased to report that all the ones that stayed home i.e. Albert and the girls had clean washing and did eat! ;). I came home to a lovely smelling house as Michaela had baked pumpkin loaf! YUM!
Hannah and I had decided to attend the pre-conference seminar as well which dealt with leadership. Although both us are not necessarily leaders, we thought with our 'new' future roles it might be helpful! Since there were only two of us, we were seated at the very front. We were treated to a very nice 'boxed' lunch with all sorts of treats. Generous sponsors had also provided books, a calendar and a magazine for all the pre-conference attendees!
Nancy Leigh DeMoss spoke on 1 Thessalonians 2 with the topic of "What are the characteristics of effective ministry?" I really enjoyed her teaching us verse by verse.
After our pre-conference seminar we had some dinner and then the real conference started! We were treated to fantastic speakers. I'm going to link some of the blog posts that give an excellent recap.
Here are some of my thoughts about the conference!
  • Prayer. I really appreciated the prayers that saturated the conference! Everyone that registered by name was prayed for! About 50 men came to the conference at their own expense and prayed for and during the conference, for special prayer needs etc. They also had a special prayer room where you could go and someone would pray with you!  WOW!
  • Reverence for Christ. Seek first ye HIS kingdom!
  • Cross of Christ - Just about all the speakers, although some of them were 'famous', showed us our need for Christ and not themselves! Again WOW! Most speakers exegeted a bible text.
  • Worship Music - I'm not much of a music fan but WOW. The music was NOT over bearing, just leading us in worship. I LOVED listening to Kirsten Getty, she got an awesome Irish accent! A lot of acappella singing as well which sounded pretty awesome with 8000+ woman at the conference!
  • I didn't enjoy the speaker on Friday night, Hannah and I left early that night!
Here are some of the links:
Opening night:
Day Two Recap
Final Day Recap
Some unedited video
Marriage Testimony (I bought and read Vicky Rose's book, very inspiring)
Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Our lovely lunch
Opening Night with Nancy and Joni!
Vicky Rose (watch her testimony) and Nancy
Blair Linne - Spoken Word Artist
Break out session 1 - Hym sing with Joni and
Keith and Kirsten Getty
Janet Parshall - radio host
Hannah and I
8000+ women!
Nancy - Saturday Morning session
Naghmeh Abedini wife of imprisoned Pastor Saeed Abedini
did a little sight seeing

Bought some books at discount price. We are studying
Nancy Guthrie in our ladies bible study. Well worth it!
Bought some of them, got given some.

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