Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pake and Beppe!! (& Grace's Birthday!)

Phew finally! Time and technology is allowing me to continue my journey with you all. Some of the posts are going to be a few months old, please bear with me as Albert's family in particular would love to see the family visit in photos! So just like over the summer internship posts, there are mostly going to be photos only with a few words here and there! Enjoy!
Towards the end of our internship, Albert's parents were due to arrive in Canada to spend time with Albert's third cousin. This was already arranged BEFORE we knew that we were going to Canada for our internship. Pretty cool huh?
Albert's parents (whom we hadn't seen for over two years!) were due to arrive on the 31st of July in Buffalo, NY, having flow into the USA the week before. Albert's parents were delayed on their train journey across the USA and so arrived in Buffalo a day later than planned! Albert had thankfully planned his days off way in advance and so having the following day off wasn't a problem. We had told Albert's parents that we wouldn't make the 'trek' across the border to meet them in the USA. We might have mislead them slightly. We instead had arranged with the Bumas (Albert's third cousin) to meet them at the train station in Buffalo. What a surprise it was! We also decided to see the American side of Niagara Falls that day. We had been given some spending money by some lovely people and had saved that especially for a trip on the Maid of the Mist. It was even more special to enjoy that with Albert's parents and the Bumas but also since it was Grace's 11th birthday that day!

Very excited girls!
The Train!
Smiles say it all!

Father and Son

Sight seeing at the Falls

Do you think they are happy?

Another family shot

I think the girls saved up all their stories to tell Pake and Beppe!

One of the attractions, see the power of that water

He wanted his photo taken

Very nice family photo! Thanks Durk
Following are some photo's of us going on Maid of the Mist. I haven't got many good ones of the actual falls as it was far too wet. You will just have to imagine it! We were given these plastic ponchos for which we were very grateful otherwise we would have been saturated! What an awesome experience to get so close to the falls. We chose the Maid of the Mist on the American side especially as it was the boat company that got the closest to the falls.




(I don't think he wanted his hat to get wet?)

Beppe and the girls

Selfie with Michaela

Family photo (taken on the boat)

approaching the falls

the falls are in there somewhere in the mist!

See the blue 'dots' some of us walked that too,
pretty cool to be that close to the water

Present all the way from NZ

One thrilled Gracie with a new purple jersey!
Thanks Pake and Beppe

Finishing the long day with pizza as a birthday dinner for Grace!

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