Monday, October 27, 2014

Packing Up!

Our last Sunday...
It was always going to be a short visit and we knew that we were here only temporarily but what a great 11 weeks we had. Thank you doesn't it really do it justice to thank the people of Wellandport URC to make us feel welcome and VERY loved while we were there! We were VERY well looked after. I keep saying this but it is always a privileged to be involved in people's lives. Wellandport URC had a nice morning tea with special cake for us which the girls enjoyed. (The girls didn't enjoy the goodbyes so much :( ) So while saying our "goodbye" for now was hard, there was a fun time waiting for us. Spending time with Albert's parents whom we had not seen for two years. Here are some of our leaving photos.

'Formal' photo, very nice I say!

Kate with her special friend
(they share the same birthday
which Kate thought was VERY cool!)

Our final meal in Wellandport. The Bumas supplied most of dinner
 (and cooked it for us) How cool is that?

Not only did they cook us dinner
but also took quite a bit of stuff back for us!

Thank you!

We took more than that but we didn't need
to use our roof top bag which was very nice

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