Monday, July 14, 2014

Sixth Day Off in Ontario - 28/6/14

Girls at Lake Ontario
We switched things up this week and Albert had a day off on Saturday instead of the usual Friday. We were invited to the Bumas (Albert's Father's second cousin) for the afternoon and dinner and we decided to make the most of the day and switch our days around. 

In the morning (after a sleep in!!) we attended the local free Poultry Festival. Someone kindly phoned us to tell us this was on, that was very sweet! So off we went and visited the Festival briefly, it was hot and humid that day. We looked around all the stalls, checked out some poultry, some looked very pretty and some looked like you wouldn't want to be in the same space as them. We scored some 'freebies' including kites which were a HUGE hit. 

After the Poultry Fest we visited another one of the local conservation areas, Binbrook. Binbrook has a lake with a 'beach', a splash pad and plenty of other water activities. Since we have a pass we got in for 'free'. The girls had a great time playing on the Splash Pad while the adults looked on from the shade :). The girls were also keen to have a swim in the lake and so they had a quick swim also before we left for the Bumas.

The Bumas took us in their car (we all fitted!) and gave us a tour around Hamilton. What fun! They also treated us to an icecream at the beach on Ontario Lake. Afterwards we went back to their house and enjoyed a feast of lots of veggies, salads, fruit and hamburgers! It was nice to be spoiled, it made us miss family! So it was decided to try and skype Pake and Beppe, they got just home from church and were sooo surprised to see all of us! We haven't been able to skype Pake and Beppe since we 'moved' to Wellandport as with the time difference and only being able to skype at church makes skyping them difficult! What a treat! In less than a month we will be able to meet them in person! We're all VERY excited!
Michaela trying out a obstacle course at the Poultry Fest
(Kate didn't have the right shoes on and so couldn't have a go)
Can you spot all the 'freebies'?
Waiting for the bucket to tip at the Splash Pad
Albert 'catching up' with Aaron!
Girls finally figured out how to turn
on the Splash Pad
This is what Albert wants for his birthday a 'Steak Truck'!
This is where the Bumas took us

With the Bumas with Hamilton in the distance
ohh what a lovely family :)

Aren't those sea snakes cute?

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