Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Safari Niagara 8th of July 2014

One of the families here generously 'shouted' the girls and I a trip to Safari Niagara. Not only did they shout us a trip but also 'animal feed' money and some money to buy something in the giftstore and provided us with a lovely lunch and snacks! Thank You! We are VERY spoiled! We thoroughly enjoyed our day out, even the weather didn't dampen our spirits! One of the highlights was feeding the budgies. I know that they are a common pet but the concept was genius and we all enjoyed feeding them. So without much further ado here is our day in photo form. Not all the photos are mine, hence I appear in some of the photos :). Thank you for taking the photos of us!

Michaela feeding the giraffe
Feeding the monkeys.......
(Grace and Michaela)
Grace and her friends
Far out that's me in a photo!
(Rachel, Grace, Zara, Kate and me!)
The whole group bar the lady that took the photo!
Grace and Zara feeding the budgies with me taking a photo!
Love that photo Michaela
The 'animals' at the zoo?
Our complete group, thanks to a stranger
White lions, pretty cool :)
(notice how it's shedding? isn't that amazing?)
That's about as close I've been to a bear in North America!
Warthog - pretty cool!
Kate was excited when she saw these birds!
Nice photo
Silly photo!
oh some more budgies photo's
(I told you we loved them!)
Sheltering from the rain with a plastic tablecloth!
Aren't they pretty?
There were just under 300 birds in the aviary!

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