Friday, July 11, 2014

Canada Day 1st of July 2014

(oh no, lots of photo's today, hopefully NO-ONE has dial up that reads this, I'm truly sorry if you do)

(Albert had two days off this week which was very nice, ironically he did almost as many hours as he had been doing in other weeks as he preached three times that Sunday and worked a 13hr day!)

This year instead of celebrating 4th of July like we did last year we decided to celebrate the 1st of July instead, the 'birthday' of Canada! There are quite a few forts around the Niagara region. We had a look at one a couple of weeks ago but the price to enter was outside our budget. Then someone from church told us that on Canada, Fort George is open to the public for FREE! (read about Fort George here) But we were warned by other people that it might be very busy. Well since we've been in VERY populated areas (ie NY) busy is a relative term :). 

After doing some chores in the morning, making lunch/snacks and Albert having an impromptu nap (I think preaching three different sermons that Sunday were catching up with him!) we were ready to leave for the day! We were undecided as to whether we were going to stay for the fireworks (at 10pm) or not but in the end decided to since the girls aren't going to bed before 8.30-9pm at the moment. 

We learned a lot about the history of the war of 1812 in which Canada defended the fort against the Americans. One interesting fact that I learned is that the American's destroyed the fort with 'hot' cannon balls (ie 'fire balls') but the 'Powder Magazine' building stood standing! You'll see soon in the photo's why :). 

After we looked through all the buildings etc we had some time spare and the one that normally packs too much water hadn't packed enough (it was a hot and humid that day), oops, decided to go quickly to the local supermarket to pick up some water (cheap). We were slightly worried about losing our 'free' park (because we thought thousands of people might turn up) but we shouldn't have worried as it was no problem getting a park once we got back. We also picked up some icecreams from the supermarket. It is just so thoughtful of the icecream manufacturers to sell boxes of icecreams in packs of 6. This means that we have a nice icecream for very little out of pocket! (instead of paying $3 each at the park (which we would NEVER do!), we paid $4.65(incl tax) for all of us! 

When we got back from our little trip, Albert and the girls played a 'game' of cricket on the Fort's lawn. That was so much fun! We had our picnic dinner after that and entertained ourselves until it was time to watch the fireworks. The girls are normally 'ok' with fireworks but us adults decided it would be pretty cool to see the fireworks outside the Fort where they were setting them off. Mmm some of the girls didn't think it was a great idea. I'm mean lying on your back watching the fireworks explode above you is pretty cool isn't it? 

We got home late but the crowds were no problem. I remember one year in Taupo leaving after the prizegiving of the bike race, it took us about an hour just to travel a little bit by car. It's all relative :)!

Map of Fort George
Posing with one of the soldiers
Checking out the cannon close up
Looking out into Fort George (with Grace)
Demonstration of the gun
Inside one of the barracks
The target - America!
Girls were fascinated by the reenactor and asked him
lots of questions. Grace even asked him
whether he could play the national anthem which he did!
Powder Magazine

How clever is this?

Notice how thick the walls are?
Copper doors

The outside
A secret tunnel to a watch tower outside the Fort, very clever!
Looking from the watch tower into the Fort
Albert posing
Papa, look no screws, nails etc!
Girls on top of the tunnel
Watch tower
From one of the look out points,
notice how the building is very low and hidden?
1812 Cricket - underhand bowling only :)
(Michaela with Kate batting)
Go Albert Go!
The Umpire only give him a 4, I thought it was at least a 6!
(First time the girls have played!)
Marching practice
(Michaela, Zara, boy, Kate and Grace)
Crowded? There is still plenty of grass to sit on :)
Firing demonstration
Oh look what I found some wildlife!
Fife and Drums

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