Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Business End of the Semester

It's a Monday morning. That means it's Homeschool Monday. I am sitting at the table waiting for the two youngest to do their jobs, so that we can start some reading. Monday morning is the time that I spend some time with the girls doing school work.
It's three and a half weeks to go till the end of Year 2. It's amazing how fast these two years have gone. We are looking forward to coming back home, but I feel that there is so much that I still need to learn! Guess I'm not going to learn everything at Seminary!
My studies are going well. I am on the home stretch. Left for this Semester is a Book Report, two sermons to write, and a Greek Exam. On top of this is readings to finish. Sounds like a lot, but this Semester doesn't seem as tough as last year. Maybe I am just getting better at organizing myself.
In a seperate post I will attach some links to some papers that I have written over the last couple of weeks for those of you who are interested. 
We appreciate all your prayers, and you continue to be in ours!
Grace and Peace,

Michaela and Grace getting ready for Question Time
Hanneke working on a Blog Post, with the two little monkeys getting their school work out.

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