Saturday, April 5, 2014

Canada Bound

We have found out where we are headed for the Summer. We will be doing an internship at Wellandport URC in Ontario, Canada. It is a big church with approx 600 people. For us it is about an 8 hour drive, not taking into account the process we will have to go through at border control.
We are looking forward to the exciting prospect of meeting new people, and being able to be involved in Pastoral Ministry, preaching, teaching and visiting. We are also looking forward to adding to our experience of meeting a wide variety of Reformed people from all walks of life.
We don't yet have any real details, but we will let you know via our blog when we have a better idea of what we are up to.
Thank you always for your continued prayers, it is much appreciated. We keep you all in our prayers as well.


Sharlene Huizinga said...

Hello! I am Sharlene Huizinga, and I am a member of the church in Wellandport! We are looking forward to getting to know you and your family this summer! W have one son (10) and three girls (9, 6, 3), so I think that our girls will have fun getting to know some new friends this summer! Blessings on your preparations and travels to Ontario!
In Christ,
Sharlene Huizinga

Hanneke said...

We are too!