Thursday, April 3, 2014

Holiday Essay - Part 4 - Philadelphia, Amish & Misc

Here is the last of the photo essays from the holidays :), phew glad I caught up on those. This summer internship is just around the corner! 

Tenth Presbyterian Church

Trying some lovely Amish treats!

Shoefly pie
YEP a horse and buggy!
Michaela having a go at making pretzels
Outer courtyard of the tabernacle :)
Apparently Lancaster is well known for it's covered bridges.
So here is one
Was tempted to buy one, a spare $1000 anyone?
Papa, was thinking of you :)
Albert liked this, might not be a good idea
on the Pastor's Study though ;)
THE room where The Constitution was signed!
The original chair
(from memory a lot of the other furniture were replicas)

One of the many information boards re the bell!
Thanks to Lillian for taking this historic family photo!
Notice the crack?
(Also the tower behind it?)
Meeting some 'figures' from years past.
(Also the only photo I have of Lillian, sorry :( )
In this tower is where the Liberty Bell used to hang
Very interesting place to visit!

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