Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Oma's Visit Part One!

Here are some photo's of Oma's visit. I'm trying to figure out how to get some photo's of my ipad. So watch this space :)!

Lansing at last! After missing a few plane connections,
Oma finally arrived! This photo is taking VERY late at night
with Oma sharing all her goodies for the girls
Not sure who enjoyed this more.....
We took Oma to Build-a-bear, right up Oma's alley!
Putting a 'heart' into Oma's bear
Grace giving her Hello Kitty a 'bath'
Kate with Oma's football bear!
The bear even has a passport!
Oma treated us to a buggy ride in Shipshewana
One of Oma's dreams come true
Horse :)

We visited Mennohof, an Anabaptist museum.
Well worth it, very interesting and informative!
Waiting patiently for the 'girls'
Oma, Kate and Zara trying on some bonnets
Beautiful quilt gardens
Oma treated us for dinner

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