Sunday, June 16, 2013

Reenactment of Monmouth Battle 2013

Today was Albert's day off and we had decided to go to Morristown to visit the museum etc there as the girls are studying American history. As Albert was looking through the flyers he came across an reenactment of the Battle of Monmouth! We googled it and decided that would be fun to go today! What a day it has been I have NEVER seen anything like this. I took about 150 photo's after which my camera battery died. So I didn't manage to catch everything as there was SO much to see and look at. I've selected a few photo's for you to look at and here are some links should you want to find out more about it Battle of MonmouthWikipedianewspaper and for those you are very keen I'm sure that there would be some footage on Youtube. One interesting fact about this battle that most of the casualties died from heatstroke. Apparently it was about 100F that day with no wind and the soldiers wore full wool uniforms! George Washington led the battle. Question to the audience, what else was he famous for?*

I'm not sure how many people did the reenactment but at least hundreds if not thousands! They had set up several villages for the weekend and cooked on open fires and slept in tents. It was an amazing experience!

There were even horses!
Can you see the British (red coats) attacking the American's ?
Cannons with live ammunition!
See the blue to the right and the red at the far left?
Start of the battle in the field,
red at the far left, blue in the front.
See the muskets? They fire live ammunition!
British closing in 
American's ready to fire!
Getting closer to the Americans

and closer, see the cannons? (and smoke?)
British won today! Another battle tomorrow!
Lovely British Lady posed for us!
This one is for Paul A!
PS They fired LIVE ammunition although of course they are blanks. It make for a very real impressive reenactment! After the battle which took an hour, we had a tour of the American camp, very informative! 
PPS We learned another important lesson today, being frugal is paying for the toll road!! (The GPS Toll road function was off and so the GPS took us on a detour around the toll road adding about an hour at least not fun!) The road home after paying the $1.50 toll was so much nicer and quicker!
*He was the first President of America!

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