Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kate's Birthday!

On the 2nd of June our Kate turned 7! She was a bit sad that she couldn't have a party with her friends as we have just moved to Pompton Plains for the summer. As a compromise we told her that we could go out for dinner and that she could chose! She loved that idea. Unfortunately for her the day after her birthday which was supposed to be a day off for Albert, Albert had to work. We took Friday off instead and had a lovely time at the YMCA pool swimming and then meeting with our good friends the Warners. We had the privilege to visit the Warners in their tiny/teeny/small/micro/miniscule apartment! For dinner we braved the Jersey City traffic and drove to the local mall for our dinner. Kate chose Taco Bell for the girls, Albert had a lovely big shaved beef sandwich (American size of course!) and I had some lovely salmon sushi!

On Kate's actual birthday we also had a visitor staying with us from our home church as he had a conference in Columbus, Ohio. We appreciated him visiting us and we spend the Sunday with him. He also upon realizing that it was Kate's birthday, bought her a present also. Kate got VERY spoiled. Our lovely neighbors gave a present for her before we left, a lady in our church in Indiana also gave me a present for her and we received cards in the mail from various people (you know who you are, THANK YOU!). 

We gave Kate a new Patrick for her birthday and we were so excited about it that the night before her birthday we couldn't wait any longer and we decided to give it to her early. She was thrilled to say the least! The other Patrick was loved to death and so she had been making do with a small version of Patrick which when we gave it to her years ago she initially rejected.

A pony (sorry can't remember her name)
New Patrick on the left,
small Patrick on the right
oh YES Clifford is still big in our house!
Hairbands and hairties!
A Dora doll from our lovely neighbours!
(She also got some other Dora things )
A drawing roll plus pencils
Sticker art book!
"Hannah" Birthday cake and soft toy
 (She named her Clifford Hannah after her lovely buddy at Faith Academy, isn't that sweet?)

Red food plus chicken nuggets - Kate's choice
Our visitor - John Koolard
Dinner with the Warner Family
Opening one of the cards

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