Thursday, June 20, 2013

Random March

(sorry the video's might not work but don't know how to fix that and thought that I shouldn't delay the March random any longer!)

A bit late but better than never :)!

As part of our Christmas present from, a very lovely family, we got tickets to a local ice hockey game. We went on a Friday night with the local team the Chicago Wolves playing a Canadian team. We had a ball (or should that be puck?) as a family. What a great family outing! It took us quite a while to get to our venue (about 1 1/2 hrs) as it was rush hour on a Friday afternoon.We ate dinner in the car and so we were ready to go! I was amazed on how fast the game is, and how often they change players. It's pretty amazing to see those guys being so confident with their skates on. The lightning wasn't that great for photo's (or my photography skills are severely lacking :) ) but video's did work, so all I've got are some videos for you. Enjoy!

Guns! (Well Nerf Guns!)
Through coupons I managed to get a Nerf gun very cheap as a 'I love you' present for Albert (I think he preferred the gun to flowers or chocolates!). I knew he would like it as he always 'played' with it when he was at Josh's place. BUT I had underestimated on how much fun our family would have with just one gun! Here are a few poses of Albert, targeting the family. (I know that might not be allowed in some family to shoot each other but I suppose when the 'head' of the house is the one with the gun, he makes the rules!)

Bubble Blowing!
As part of their GEMS (used to be Calvinettes) points night (ie they collect points during the year and then are allowed to 'spend' them on all sorts of things) the girls came home with 'Hubba Bubba' gum. The girls were getting frustrated with not being able to blow bubbles. Their very helpful and thoughtful mum said that she would teach them. (Surely I could fit this into my homeschool curriculum in some form? suggestions anyone?). After a fair amount of practising by the girls and having the right placement of gum and the right amount of gum etc, they finally succeeded! 

Can you blow one this big? 
One of the seminary wives organised a Sunday Easter lunch/dinner at their house and invited who ever of the seminary community didn't have some place to go. Unfortunately for her she got sick and so was unable to have it at her house. So we hosted it instead. Look at all the lovely food she made!  left to right slow-cooked  lamb, roasted sweet potato with feta, rice, a lovely lettuce salad with Parmesan and garlic dressing and some lovely bread. 

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