Thursday, March 14, 2013

Zara's Party

 On Sunday after her birthday we had a little party for her after church. We normally would do this with our immediate family but since they are a bit far away, we 'imported' some friends to pose as 'family'! Our lovely neighbours came, I'm never sure in these sorts of relationship who benefits the most! We also invited the lovely Flo and her son and family (the one we went to on New Year's Eve!) and also the lovely Warners and their boys as they are a bit like their cousins Michaela tells me. 

Moon Light Star Birthday Cake!

Unwrapping 'Princess' undies, VERY cool!
More presents, she is VERY spoiled!
Dreamlight Pillow Pet -
she had been asking for one for ages!
 The neighbours obliged ;).
At night it shines stars on the ceiling!

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