Monday, March 4, 2013


(this is not the snow that I was talking about on Zara's Birthday, that is still to come!)

On our first 'real' snow fall which covered the street, cars, house etc we got up very early and 'played' in the snow! Albert texted our upstairs neighbour that the girls were keen to 'talk' to him! He texted back that he wasn't coming, I wonder why? After playing in the snow for a wee while Albert decided it would be a good idea to 'ambush' the Warner residence (Albert carpools with Aaron and Andy!). Some great snow fights evolved! After the snow fights stopped, Aaron and Albert were already thinking of more seminary students we could 'Ambush'! Another family the Scotts don't live too far from the Warners and so it was decided to see if they were home. Off we went on foot carrying a container with 'our' snow, the seminary student (Jeff) was not home but his girls were. Providentially (for us!) another seminary student (Roberto) happened to drop off his daughter at Jeff's house, he was not prepared and so got 'ambushed' also! We had a lot of clean fun! Once we got home and warmed ourselves, who should turn up but our upstairs neighbour James! Another snow fight! James was very nice and after the snow fights were out of the way helped the girls build a fort! We love the snow!

Is is it not pretty?
On the way to Aaron!
Good shot Michaela!

On the way to Jeff's house
Snowball factory
Preparing to 'Ambush'!
Not sure that is fair, Grace?
Snow Fight!
Roberto, in the right place at the 'right' time!
Albert and James

Girls on the attack!
Snow Fort

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