Friday, March 15, 2013

Birthday Snow (Feb)

(One of the reasons I have been absent the last week is because we had lots of snow and of course I would rather be outside playing in it then writing blog posts ;) )

On Zara's Birthday we woke up to snow and we thought then lots of snow. As it turned out a HUGE dump was still to come a couple of weeks later! This snow was predicted and so the snow plows were working overtime during the night. I got up as usual on a Friday morning at 4.30am to go swimming and looked outside to find lots of snow. Albert graciously volunteered to shovel me out so that I could go swimming. The roads were pretty good and even all the carparks etc had already been ploughed, they are VERY efficient! As Albert and I keep saying to each other, life goes on regardless! It is quite amazing. 

Our house has been resembling a drying room like you have at the ski-resorts. Extra chairs have been 'dragged' up from the basement to put the snow gear on to dry. I have used the dryer as well especially for the gloves as they only have one pair each. I'm VERY grateful for all the winter gear that the girls have, it makes playing in the snow so much nicer!

Isn't he nice?

This is a snow blower, I had never seen one before but our neighbor has got one and the girls thought it was just wonderful to stand in the way of the snow being blown!

Snow Angels

Grace and Michaela
Zara and Kate
Next day

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