Monday, December 10, 2012

Random November

Here are some more random photo's taken by us :). 

"Thanksgiving Trees" - the 'leaves' have things that the girls are thankful for.
One of the ladies in the church made the 'trees' cool huh?
Dress-up day at Kingdom Builders
Frost - Girls were VERY excited, it didn't last long :(
Our neighbors granddaughter Katie had a 'play' with her school which the girls were invited too. The neighbors kindly took us (Michaela, Grace, Kate and me) into the city to watch it at Katie's school! The girls had a ball and really enjoyed having a look at her school which is in the CDB of Chicago. Afterwards the neighbours took us to the apartment building where Katie lives. The girls got to experience a revolving door for the first time, saw a 25 yard pool about 23 floors up and had a look at the view from the 23floor balcony! Afterwards they took us for an icecream at one of the local supermarkets. Very impressive supermarket, I bought some veggies/fruit there, it was a lot cheaper than in the surburbs (how that works, I don't know?). Mental note, when ordering icecream order the 'mini' version, as anything else is just HUGE!
A week day trip to the city with our lovely
neighbors, isn't it pretty ?
('bean' is on the right, you can see the walkway snaking over the motorway)
Lake to the left, city to the right, spot the traffic?
In the 'winter garden'
Girls eating icecream!
"Homebaking" HAHAHA SO FUNNY
(the mixes were CHEAP)
(notice the BLACK icing, blah)

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