Tuesday, December 4, 2012

News from HOME

The lovely Flo and company went to New Zealand in October and she took some of the girls drawings etc for the grandparents. She also took back some gifts from the grandparents! Thanks so much, it was very nice to receive something from 'home'!

Bag of goodies
Waiting in anticipation
ah finally a NZ flag!*
PS YES it did include a packet of TimTams but it hasn't been eaten yet waiting for a special moment, maybe when Albert finishes his exams!

*We hadn't thought of taking a NZ flag, we took books of NZ, an All Blacks Flag (which people don't know who they are? REALLY?, we took Murry our kiwi but no NZ flag! Also apparently one of the other NZ students set a precedent to fly a NZ flag on Waitangi day so we couldn't let the team down now could we?

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