Thursday, December 6, 2012

Light Festival in Chicago

On Saturday the 17th of November we ventured with a few seminary student families out into the city (CBD) to watch the Magificient Mile light up. Here is the website for anyone interested As part of this was a parade as well as a sleigh with a kind of old man dressed in a suit with a few reindeer. It was quite a mission navigation the train (going in was easy, going out was sardines), trying to get a good spot to watch the parade (we failed) and getting back to the train station with about a million other people!

We had a BLAST, as you know of my previous posts of the city, I LOVE the city and so when the opportunity arose to go with some other students families I was ready to go!

We left home at 2.15pm, caught a 3.13pm train, arrived in Chicago about 4ish, got to our viewing spot about 4.45 and the parade started about 5.30. We caught the train at 8.22pm and got home close to 10pm. What a day!

Unfortunately we were unable to get a good viewing spot and so Albert and I and two very kind gentlemen carried all the four girls on our shoulders so at least  they could have a good look at the parade. Needless to say all of us were VERY glad to see Santa as our shoulders were numbing from the pain. Things we do as parents :). 

I tried to take some photos of the parade etc but most of them are very blurry. It is hard to take pictures with a point and shoot one-handedly as I was holding Zara on my shoulders with the other hand. Monique I needed you there to take some AWESOME shots so since she wasn't available you will have to do with my pretty average photography. Also if anyone knows how to turn video's please tell me, so you don't have to get a sore neck from watching my videos sideways!

On our walk back to the train station we watched the fireworks, it was almost worth coming just for that! All in all though a fantastic afternoon/night out in the third biggest city in the USA!

Waiting at the train station
Phew on the way in, we were able to get a seat!  
Isn't it pretty? 
The parade 
Chipmunks (Disney Parks had quite a few floats) 
Donald Duck 
More pretty city landscape 
A Hummer Limo 
About 1 MILLION people were there
Light beam truck 
Trees lit up 
Mickey and Minni Mouse 

Red nose reindeer 
Main sponsor 
A snowman? 
Police Horses 
Watching fireworks - Kate is on Albert's Shoulder 
 Sorry about the sideways movie

Waiting at the train station for our return trip home!

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