Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thank you and bragging rights!


Grace was home from school on Monday as she had been sick on the weekend and spend some time playing with her birthday presents. Here she is making 'melting beads' pictures. She made a red doggie for Kate, a green duck for Zara, a blue flower for Michaela and a colourful butterfly for herself. What a thoughtful girl!


Some people brag about their catch of Fish but we brag about the number of rats we have caught this year! We caught about 6 (with some help of Pesto, Tabby was absent or just very clever!) with the help of traps in the ceiling space. We have tried to eliminate them by removing the foodsource (ie cat biscuits, dog biscuits, spare groceries etc), by filling all possible holes with chickenwire/wood, we've put stones next to the house and removed the foodscraps that were next to the house but yet they keep coming! The RAT latest food source seems to be the snail bait, no death so far! So Albert went out and bought some more traps bringing the total traps to 4 and scattered them around the laundry with various treats in them. We waited, saw them run past, over Albert's feed, under the fridge/washing machine but we struggled to trap them. Finally on Monday night (while I was out :() Albert heard some noice and went to check it out in the laundry and low and behold, the rat got a fright and ran straight into one of the traps! Despite the traps being rat traps, the trap only caught it's nose! According to Albert it was still breathing and so he helped it die by drowning it in a bucket. The picture is the final result. I can't believe how big the thing was! I wonder whether the rat has anymore friends?
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