Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Grace's School Friends Birthday Party

Here is a picture of the cupcakes I made for her party. One of the girls is egg and dairy free and so I made the cupcakes egg and dairy free from a recipe from Sophie Gray. From the amount left, I can conclude that they LOVED them!
The girls having afternoon tea. Strangly enough from all the food that I had prepared for them including 'My Little Pony' bought biscuits, they seem to devour the plain popped popcorn and the (very reduced in price!) carrot sticks! Maybe I shouldn't bother next time with 'special' party food?

My girls write a list of games they would like to do at their party. A very firm favourite is 'Pass the Parcel'! This is a slightly tricky game for several reasons: 1 You need to make sure that you have the same number of layers as there are kids. This is made difficult when people do not RSVP. Thankfully I had some spare layers and thought that in an emergency my other girls would have to miss out on a layer. 2 The adult supervising the game is to make sure that everyone gets a turn at unwrapping the parcel (we wouldn't want anyone to miss out do we? think tears!). 3 Who gets the final present? The birthday girl? Albert solved this problem very well by letting Zara have the last layer! (PS I include a small treat in each layer so that no-one misses out!)

Another game that was requested by Grace came from Aunty Joanna. Peg race. This involves putting a peg between your knees and walking/running to a container to drop your peg in. The group that finishes first wins! They seem to enjoy this game. Thanks Joanna! (we're busy practising for the next family weekend!)

The Party (although hard work from both parents) was a great success. The volume in the house was raised quite considerable, I've been reassured that this is a girl thing. No serious accidents, girls were are pretty well behaved, what more could we have asked for? Pesto (the dog) enjoyed a dinner of icecream and fries (since the girls seem to favour carrot sticks?), Pesto left the apple, strange dog? Tabby (the cat) seemed to really enjoy the chicken nuggets although I did tell him that although they were called chicken nuggets that I couldn't guarantee how much chicken there really was in them. Tabby did not enjoy the attention and only appeared at dinner time!

After dinner the girls proceeded to play tag in the house something which I can't understand! How can you run around with all that food in your stomach? Oh to be children again! Carefree
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