Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dear Mum and Heit...

Michaela wrote us a letter today on the computer at school. They have been practicing writing letter for writing and so she wrote this one of her own bat to us. Here it is:

Michaela C


Mum and Heit

Dear Mum and Heit

I am writing to you because I want you too no know much you have done for me.

Firstly you always help me and have patience with me when I work on my homework. That way I always get my homework done on time.

Secondly you have helped me learn more and more about God by doing Bible study every day. It has helped me learn more about Him.

Thirdly I like it the way you always try to take me to church. The opportunity to learn more about God makes me eager to go to church to learn more about Jesus.

I don't know how I can ever thank you. (Maybe by giving you heaps off XO) I really love and enjoy everything you do for me.

Yours faithfully

Michaela C

PS Spelling/grammar mistakes are hers :)

Isn't this lovely?

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sjirkc said...

This is indeed absolutely lovely! We thank the Lord for our oldest grand daughter! BIG BEAR HUGS from Pake and Beppe.