Friday, July 24, 2015

Trampoline Fun!!

As you may recall the girls got a trampoline (It was Michaela's brilliant idea) with gift cards the girls received for Christmas from an anonymous donor at Seminary. The boxes arrived by courier in January of this year. Albert had promised the girls that as soon as the snow melted the trampoline could be set up. So one week in March the snow finally disappeared after being on the ground for almost the entire month of February. The girls were excited! Albert is a read-the-manual kind of guy, so with the help of Len our neighbor the trampoline was put up! It sounds like a happily ever after story until it decided to snow again! I mean dump at least 30cm of snow! Oops! So the girls and I spend the morning taking all the snow of the trampoline as we didn't want it to stretch the springs, that snow was heavy! Removing snow through a small opening in the net proved a bit tricky. I did allow snowboots on the trampoline as an exception that day. :).

All of a sudden we now had 'friends' who wanted to come and play at our house! Just kidding of course, we invited our friends to share our trampoline with us, such a great gift deserves to be shared! I do have to mention that until the trampoline went down to be packed again, the novelty had not worn off yet. The girls played on there most days. Some days it was too hot to play on the tramp but most days especially since it was spring, the trampoline got a good workout! What a blessing the tramp was in those couple of months it was up. Unfortunately our place here in Hamilton doesn't have a appropriate place to put the tramp up and so it will have to wait until we are settled permanently to put it up again. Also the thought of un-packing and re-packing doesn't sound that exciting.

I should also mention that Albert took very detailed photos of how the trampoline went into the box as he was planning to put it back the same way as it came out! His friends that helped us put it back in after graduation, doubted him BUT they did come armed with an electric screw driver which made me laugh! So grateful that we all have different talents and even more grateful that we have friends with a bit more practical knowledge! Thanks Roger and Jeremy for taking on the challenge to fit the trampoline back into the box! I am pleased to report that the trampoline did in fact fit back into the box! Quite a feat considering the amount of parts required to build a trampoline! 

(Roger and Jeremy also helped to take apart our bed and bookcases, all of which fitted back into the flat pack Ikea boxes, very impressive boys!)

This is how it came out

Spot the manual :)
Len, supervising the putting up of the tramp.
I'm not sure who was more excited to have it put up, Len or the girls.

Our friends :)
( I think the girls made the kids pose for photos
as I found them on my camera! It cracks me up!)

l to r Cademon, Marijke, Josiah, Natalia
Oh and the snow fell VERY quickly

Yay all clear!
Our team effort in taking the tramp down

Boys LOVE a challenge!

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Karena said...

Such cute pictures! Thanks for inviting your 'friends' over to play. Such sweet photos and great memories.