Saturday, July 25, 2015

Snow Mobile

In Albert's March break we visited Wellandport, ON, Canada one last time before we left for NZ. What an unexpected blessing to visit friends again (most of these friends visited us over the Christmas holidays!). We had an absolute blast catching up and having a break from our busy last semester of seminary. Unbeknownst to us, it was also the last week or so of collecting sap from the maple trees. While we didn't go to Canada to watch Maple syrup being made it was an unexpected bonus! So the next couple of blog posts following are from our time in Ontario, Canada! 

We left after Albert's last class on Friday in order for me to attend a ladies fellowship day in Hamilton Ontario. For some reason the journey took a lot longer than expected, we did hit some snow on the way, and arrived at our friends place very close to midnight. Thanks for staying up, Shar and Jeremy! The next day while Shar and I were at the ladies retreat, Jeremy took the girls and Albert on snowmobile rides! What fun! Albert and the girls took all of the photo's below :). (I made them promise to take photos :)!

Grace again



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