Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pooh Sticks, oh I mean Eyeore Sticks!

This post is a mix of visiting a tourist attraction as well as having some fun! Donkey (Eyeore) came as well for some 'training'! So instead of Pooh Bear playing 'Pooh Sticks', we had the Donkey try and play this game. We also did some 'hill' training and again instead of the donkey's carrying our gear, we carried the Donkey! Thanks Izaak for being such a good sport! (The girls and I thought this was all very hilarious!)

The girls insisted that I take photos at this spot!
(Zara and Kate)
Zara, Michaela, Grace and Kate
Do you see anything unusual?
Pooh, I mean Eyeore Sticks!
Fighting to get a cuddle/photo with Eyeore
Grace's well loved Donkey!
Hill training

Thanks for being a good sport Izaak!

I think Donkey 'ate all the pies!'
You might recognize some of the landmarks, I blogged about it here when we visited the first time!

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