Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snow, Snow and more Snow!

I thought instead of posting all these photo's on Facebook, I would quickly put them in a blog post for all to see. I've Skyped with most of our immediate family to show them the AWESOME snow storm that hit Chicago Saturday night/Sunday. Today we have temperatures of -17F (-27C) with a windchill of -41C. Schools are cancelled, major interstates were closed last night and most Sunday services were cancelled yesterday. I put a ruler into the snow to measure how much we got but once it was covered, I gave up measuring it. Albert and I also helped out one of the neighbors yesterday to help clear their driveway by hand. Most people here have a snow blower which is almost essential when you live here. Our next door neighbor has been gracious and did some snow blowing for us. We did go out there regularly as well to shovel. I have never seen snow drifting either and it is quite an experience, wow! OK now for some photos!

self portrait

back yard at the beginning of the snowfall
WOW this looks like a lot of snow but wait....
Snowboarding, Michaela.
(Grace had a go too and did well, no photo's)
Notice the two jackets I'm wearing,
better be warm then sorry :)
Family sled
Jumping into a snowdrift bank
Family shot
Is it not beautiful?
losing count on how many times we have shoveled
Albert wants one of those to clear his paths!
oh dear, our visitors car getting stuck
after coming back from church (am)
How cool is that? Plenty of snow
WOW 25cm but wait....

see the straight edges the snowblower does this :)
Albert shoveling again.... notice the amount of snow
lost my feet
Now that is quite a bit of snow isn't it?
My shoveling handiwork.
Notice that there is yet more falling?
oh dear where is his head?
getting close to 30cm
Grace's snow cave
how sweet!
(that is our INSIDE bedroom window!)
just to prove to you that I wasn't lying or exaggerating the truth 
our snow drift driveway
Table this morning, I wonder how many cm?
It was so cold that the shutter on my
camera wouldn't open fully hence the black lines. 

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Anonymous said...

What fun! Though I remember that the snow can lose its novelty factor by the time February rolls around and it's still piled high!

A winter like this makes spring all the more wonderful, in my opinion. :-)