Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Homefront Update

Oma in her element!
Just thought I would update you on what we have been up to and how life is at the moment.

We had Mum/Oma visit for about three weeks which was great. We all enjoyed it. Thankfully Mama's health was pretty good (for her) during those three weeks, the heat helped :). We did plenty of shopping, seeing some of the sights and the highlight of the visit, visiting the Amish. More photo's to come on the blog of her time with us. She made it back safely, thanks to prayers and an airplane or three. Papa/Opa and Axel (her dog, who sorely missed her!) were glad to have her back home!

We're back into the swing of things now. I'm slowly but surely adding more of their curriculum in as the weeks progress. I can't do it all and so spelling (ohhh) had to wait. Michaela also is learning how to type and I hope that she can start that next week. I have also switched the routine around the with little girls and that seems to be working so far. The big girls's workload has increased this year (which is good) and so more discipline is required from them. Albert is also doing Language Arts (think English especially writing) with the girls which is a huge help to me as it is not one of my strong points. Zara is doing well and I'm hoping to get her reading soon so that she can do some work independently.

I know Albert updates you all, but here is my take on seminary so far :). This semester has been a breeze for us as a family so far. I think we have worked on both our weaknesses (and continue to work on) and as a result life is running a lot smoother. Albert is taking set time to spend with the girls, including teaching PE and doing devotions at our local homeschool group. The workload doesn't seem to be as big this semester which is a huge blessing. Spare a thought though for the new students including our very own New Zealand student Josh (you can read about them here). The first semester is tough!

Seminary Wives
I'm involved in the Seminary Wives this year as secretary (with Audra another student wife) which is a great opportunity to 'serve' the new students in particular and getting to know them all. I really enjoy this aspect of seminary as we are all in the same 'boat' and it's great to mutually encourage each other in the good and bad times. (and ofcourse to eat plenty of good food while we encourage each other!!)

We're back in the swing of things here too and I'm back in my beloved pool! I'm so privileged to be able to swim in this private pool. Albert is also doing some running as well as biking. Some of the Seminary wives are also getting together once a week to do some running/walking with our families. 

I got all of this for free with either coupons,
 store credit or rebates
(We enjoyed fish that night which is a luxury in this house)
Managing to get some great deals here too, a lot of them free. A couple of  weeks ago, I managed to buy 8 tissue boxes but once I got to the check-out, I couldn't use my coupon as it was negative, so I added another 4 boxes and a chocolate bar (such a shame) to make the amount that I had to pay positive! So I'll be fine for tissue boxes (that were basically free plus tax) for a while :). I took my Mum while she was here to my favorite Pharmacy and she couldn't believe her eyes about all the deals! A positive side of this, apart from the fact that we get to have things we would never buy, is that I'm able to share my 'spoils' with other students and people in need. At the girls Gem's club, they were asking for donations for nappies for a local pregnancy center and so I managed to find a great deal on nappies, 3 packets of Huggies for $4 out of pocket. 
(Contents of the photo: a gallon of milk, one Colgate 360c toothbrush, 4 Lind chocolate bars, 2 wholegrain pasta, 2 loaves of wholegrain bread, 2 individual portions of fish and 4 boxes of ibuprofen. I did buy these things at different stores and did pay a little tax, not much though)

The girls and I went to pick some fruit last week at an orchard. It was quite an experience especially since we lived in Hawke's Bay for about 6 years. We were 'driven' by a tractor and wagon to the area where the picking took place. Since it was a Saturday, the place was packed and there were lines for the tractor. All of this is fine until you have to carry back your 'pickings' back to the tractor. Since the apples were like 'gold' (ie pricewise) I didn't let the girls pick any or carry the bags. (I know mean Mum!) I thought the apples were expensive but was told by quite a few locals that $0.99c a pound was a 'steal'. I suppose any price is expensive when we are used to 'glean' them from a friends orchard in Hawkes Bay. In my true 'bargain' style I managed to pick up some 'seconds' fruit mainly pears and peaches. I bottled the pears (I know you are all proud of me!!) and froze the peaches. 

That's all from me for now, anything you would like to know about us, USA, Seminary, life in general? Leave me a comment :). 

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