Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Celebration and Izaak!

On the 9th of July we celebrated being in America for one whole year! We eat the appropriate food of 'sloppy Joe's' (mince with bbq sauce) on buns with potato chips and watermelon! Yummy. We also had a yummy dessert notice the American sprinkles, whipped cream out of a can and edible bowls! What a treat and what a year it has been, an enjoyable year! 

Also in July Izaak came and visited to which the girls especially were looking forward to! They really enjoy his company and I'm sure wore him out :). We visited NY with him, did lots of swimming, and the boys watched their fair share of Tour de France. I know Albert was glad to have a fellow man to watch 'bikes' with! Izaak also ventured by himself to NY which really is a must see if you are so close.  Izaak, it has almost been six months, when are you planning to visit next? ;). 

Girls and desert!
Notice the sprinkles?
Izaak playing wii with the girls in the basement
At the top of the hill after our hike!
Watching the Tour
Nothing was going to stop the boys from watching the tour.
(90F is 32.2C)
Mountain stage on the big screen!

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