Thursday, June 30, 2011

Zara's birthday with a difference

Zara's birthday. 
We were never going to have a big celebration on her birthday and as it turned out, I'm thankful we didn't. NZ will remember this day as one of NZ's worst day's in history :(. The fateful earthquake hit that day. I was blissfully unaware of disaster until I got a phonecall from Albert's mum telling me that Louis was all OK. 

I had been at the swimming pool giving Zara and Kate some extra time in the pool as a birthday treat. We had invited guests for dinner that night to celebrate her birthday but they had to cancel to due the earthquake. I think most of NZ at that time was glued to the TV just as we were. We had afternoon tea (of potato chips (green ofcourse to keep with the theme) and lollies (again green)) in front of the TV as I wanted my girls to be informed of this major event in history. They got bored after a while as the TV kept showing the same images, again and again. So dinner that night of Pizza (take-out) was eaten in a sombre manner and it didn't taste that great at all. We haven't had pizza since. Zara was oblivious to it all, thankfully.

Just a few facts about Zara, to make sense of the pictures. Her favourite colour is GREEN!! Her blanket is green. Hence the green cupcakes, I especially bought some green icing gel. It worked a treat!

A family tradition is that on your birthday, the girls all pile into our bed early in the morning and open their presents. We bought Zara a new doll dressed as a flower, and guess what colour it was? We also bought her a little baby my little po.ny.  Zara is excellent in playing by her self and so the presents are giving her hours of enjoyment.
(This week) I found her pony's (she's got a few) lying down sideways next to her bed, they were sleeping, she told me! (I did tell her that pony's sleep standing up!)

Tabby makes an appearance - Is there any meat in those presents?

There's the doll :)

Zara's birthday at mainly music.
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