Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Renovation part 1 - Laundry

(We interrupt the family photo's for some renovation updates. This is the main reason why I haven't posted it for a while, hopefully things are back on track now :), )

As we all know before you can start making things pretty you got to do the preparation work!
Our laundry was in a state of disrepair, due to what we thought was a leaking water pipe when we first bought the house. Once we took all the lino off the floor we discovered (don't you love that in old houses ;)) that the floor boards were full of borer and had to be taken out.

Providentially my brother (TJ) and sister in law were in Wanganui due the Feb 11 earthquakes in Christchurch. TJ started ripping out the floor and put half the floor back in. Thanks heaps bro!! Albert and a helper did the rest of the floor. What a mission! Once the floor was in a storage cabinet was made to fit and then onto painting the entire laudry and toilet. Once painted Albert laid the floor.
Ventilation holes!

Old laudry tub

Looking from the kitchen into the pantry and toilet.

A lesson learned from renovating, a washing machine is a necessity, a shower is not! :)
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