Tuesday, March 22, 2011

School's Raukawa Day Trip

At the end of the year the girl's school went on a day trip to Raukawa Adventure Camp. Both Albert and I went and Albert had Michaela and a group of her class and I had Grace and some girls from her class. We had to get up early, as we were going on a bus to take us to the camp. It was a full on day, the weather was very warm which was a blessing but as helping parents we had to make sure that the kids in our care, drank enough, ate at the right times, got sunscreen re-applied, got toileted etc. Out girls had a ball trying out new things outside their comfort zones. The water slide was a big hit. In this photo there are the two teacher of the classes that went. I hope you forgive for putting this on my blog :). Good on you Maree and Judy for giving the waterslide a go!

Grace on the flying kiwi. Once she was harnassed, she got pulled into the air by a the rest of the team of kids and adults and so the kids 'flew' for a bit. All our kids in our group had a go, well done.

At lunchtime those who had energy to burn, were taken on a walk to see the waterfall. The view was well worth the 'stomping through the bush'. Thanks so much to the teachers for organising this AWESOME day out!
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