Friday, March 25, 2011

Michaela's Birthday Party

Already weeks before Michaela's birthday party, Michaela made me a list of things she likes to do at the party, the kind of cake she would like, what food to serve and when, the games she likes to play, the dress code etc. She knows what she wants. I went with most of her suggestions although modified some of them. For the games she wanted pass the parcel but instead of the normal pass the parcel I suggested that instead of having a lolly between each layer, there would be a task, like ten star jumps or some quiz questions. She also specified a horse cake and I have to confess that cake decorating is not one of my talents. So I used my mouse and searched the net. Thankfully Bett.y did a video on how to make a horse cake and you could go their website to download the horse template!! That's my kind of cake decorating!

All the girls in their finery
Michaela wanted supper in the family room a bit like grown ups have.

The Horse Cake
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rachaelnz said...

That is a pretty neat horse cake, Hanneke! Well done!