Monday, March 1, 2010

Zara's 2nd Birthday

Just a quick post about Zara's birthday. We didn't have a party as such (she won't remember anyway) but instead had a cake and presents at my parents. According to the big girls you can't have a birthday without lollies, birthday cake and presents. So due to the 'peer pressure', the parents (ie me) went out and bought (well infact ordered a present from Flybuys, very convenient (and CHEAP!!)) lollies, presents and made a cake. I'm very thankful to the new invention of icing in little tubes. Fantanstic, lets me off the hook (being absolutly useless at decorating cakes!) and I can pretend that I know what I am doing with those little tubes. Aren't the four girls lovely in this photo? We love them!

Here is a picture of the cake :)

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