Monday, March 15, 2010

Clever 2 year olds!!

Do you have a 2 year old? Do you think they are clever? Well we have a 2 year old who is very very clever!! *

You should know as background that in our house we have 'attachment' softtoys or blankets. Quite often we spend hours (ok slight exageration) looking for the elusive toy/blanket. In defence of the toy/blanket, it has come in very handy and we wouldn't be without it. Zara (our very clever 2 year old) has got a green polar fleece blanket, and of late (thanks Mama!!) some softtoy doggies that she takes to bed also. Bedtime arrived at our place tonight (thankfully that happens everynight although the older girls seem to go to bed later and the adults earlier) and a search was began for Zara's two soft toy doggies. Albert looked everywhere, even roped in the two older girls to come and help. Zara didn't seem to be in great distress and so we left the 'doggies' in their hiding place. After Kate had gone to bed, and Albert tucked her in, Zara asked Heit where her 'doggies' are, she started pointing. So my very clever husband (obviously being clever got to come from someone in the family) lifted her our of the cot. Zara proceeded to walk out of her bedroom, into the family room, lifted a plastic lid for the play stove and there were her doggies!! Isn't that clever? So there here is my point to prove that 2 year olds can understand you and can follow instructions. The only flaw with this new found insight, why didn't we do this to our first child? It would have saved many hours searching for that elusive toy/blanket which we could have used.........

(very proud mum of four very clever girls!)

*This is based on the scientific fact that I've done a study on four 2 year olds (although years apart, a minor margain of error)

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