Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Albert's Update 4/11/13

Watching the sailing at our neighbors house. 
It's been a while. It's been a busy time for the family, and it's getting pretty busy at the moment for me as well. Hanneke continues to do a great job with her updates, and her gentle reminders mean that you get an update of how things are going for me.

I have been working pretty hard at my studies. I also had the opportunity to preach last Sunday. In the morning I preached at Redeemer, our Home Church here in the US, and in the evening I preached at Lynwood URC, which is the church where Andre and Anita Holtslag and family were based. It was good to get 'back in the saddle' again. It's funny, but it was a different feeling being in the pulpit again after a break. I'm looking forward to my next internship already.

In the morning I preached from Isaiah 55:1-5, simply entitled "Come", and in the Evening I preached from Psalm 121, entitled, "Think Widescreen!". Both were messages that I had written and preached over the Summer. I also used a modified version of Psalm 121 in chapel.

As much as I would like to write some new sermons to preach, it is simply not possible to do so. With our workloads we are kept busy. And that is exactly the way that it should be! I am working on two new sermons at the moment, for my classes. The OT sermon is on Joshua 7, the defeat at Ai, working title "Sin Matters, Deal with It!", and an NT Sermon on John 12:12-19, no title as yet. We preach them in class, and are marked on them by our peers and professors. A tough audience, but what a way to learn!

I also spoke briefly at a Seminary Promotion Dinner in Michigan a few weeks ago, on my experiences as an International Student. I also was part of a five man male choir, believe it or not! There I got to meet Rev and Mrs de Jonge, which was a real blessing. I also met Rev and Mrs Tyson a few weeks ago. It is indeed a small world!

We are also going to a Church in Des Moine not this weekend, but the next. It’s about a five hour drive, so we are going to stay for a few nights. A family that was in New Zealand recently is going to host us, which is exciting. I will be preaching on Psalm 125 in the morning: "In God We Trust", and Ephesians 5, HC Lord's Day 17 in the evening, entitled "The Greatest Rescue Mission Ever".

This week I am working on a paper for Anthropology, looking at Romans 7, and what state Paul, or the "I", is in, are they regenerate or unregenerate? It's a 20 page paper, so it requires a fair bit of work. I am enjoying trying to get my head around the passage. It is not an easy one, and it is a bit of a minefield, but it is a good challenge. I am realizing that I have bit off more than I can chew, but it is too late to turn back now. I have done about 70% of the research, so that will keep me busy for the next couple of days.

Next week is a Greek Comprehensive, so a lot of the week will be taken up getting my Greek back up to scratch. It's amazing how quickly it gets rusty! The tricky thing with all the work that we have before us is balancing time on each subject. But you can only do so much each day. We are often told that it is good practice for the Ministry. I am sure they are right.

Another paper that I have in the works is a paper looking at the subordination of Christ, for Christology. This should be an interesting one.

And that's my lot at the moment. Thank you all for your continued prayers. We very much appreciate it. At the moment you could pray for wisdom for me as I manage my workload, and that everything gets done when it should! Also that I remember that I am a husband and father first!



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