Friday, September 13, 2013

American History - Ford Mansion & Jockey Hollow

The older girls have studied early American History in their home school curriculum. Since the East is full of history we took the opportunity to explore some of these sights. One cool thing we 'discovered' that all the National Historic parks offer a junior ranger badge for free! The girls get a booklet with questions about the relevant historic site, once completed they get a ranger badge. We ended up doing six badges in total. What a great way to learn history! (Do those trip count as homeschooling field trips?)
Ford Mansion where George Washington spends a winter
We were able to have tour inside the house
George Washington's 'office'
Ranger (with Kate)
Mrs Ford's bedroom, she gave up her house
to George Washington and his men
Servants sleeping quarters
More sleeping quarters
In front on the mansion
This badge/park consisted of several sites of interest and so we explored all the various sites. 
In the information centre
A map of Jockey Hollow. This is where George Washington's
men spend the hardest winter on record
A soldier's hut. This is how they managed
to survive the winter despite the lack of food.
This hut was actually inside the information center,
quite impressive
One of the gardens
Kate and Michaela working on their badge work
Albert and Zara, notice her badge
Ford Nonsense
A ford on top of a hill that was never used.
View to the town
Walking/tracing the Fort walls - Albert and Kate
Jockey Hollow - The hard winter
The actual Soldiers huts
Reading the history!
Papa, look at those fences, no nails!

In front of the hut


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