Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grace's PrEP Day

Here are some photo's of Grace's PrEP day. The Junior classes run a business as a class and so sold several different things. Grace's class sold hamburgers, iceblocks and paperbags. Apparently Room 2 has always done hamburgers and they are extremely popular. When Michaela was in Room 2 selling hamburgers they sold out without about 20 minutes and so having this inside knowledge I was one of the first parents in the line. Albert couldn't make the start and so I saved a burger for him. All of this was quite a feat as the weather was horrible. Next I bought a bag that Grace had made for each of the grandparents and finally I bought Kate and Zara an iceblock each! Brrr I would pass on an iceblock in stormy weather!

A selection of the bags that the kids made. (with help ofcourse :))
Kate and Zara eating their cold iceblocks! Grace was selling the iceblocks, I have it from a reputuable source (ie class teacher) that she ate quite a few herself (paid for ofcourse with her own hard earned money).

The hamburger chain! The class had an outing to Mc.Donalds. to find out how they make hamburgers, to find out about hygiene (hence the hats and gloves) and to observe a real hamburger chain!
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