Thursday, November 6, 2014

Pompton Plains

We had the privilege to be able to make a detour home from Wellandport to visit Pompton Plains where we served last summer. When we left Pompton Plains we didn't think we were going to see these lovely people again this side of heaven but God is good and planned our summer in such a way that we were able to! We stayed with the Rossis. They were a Mid America Student family. Roberto is now the associate Pastor at Pompton Plains. We were so blessed by the Rossi's generosity and willingness to host us. We were able to relax and spend time catching up with old friends. I was also able to meet a 'new' friend Franci. I had heard of her and read her blog but I had never met her. So since I was kind of in the same part of the country as her, I asked her if I could visit. What a lovely visit it was. It was great to put a 'face' to a name! Driving to her house after living in the country for 11 weeks was a bit of a challenge! Franci also told me to drive to the river where you can get an awesome skyline view of NY, unfortunately (arrgg) I had not only left my camera behind but also my ipad so no photos :(. I did look at it was well worth it!
New Jersey!
At the playground with the Rossis
Dinner with some special people.
(Grace's special friends)
Visiting another special couple.
We spent a lot of time last summer at their pool!

After looking through my photos from last summer
I realised that I didn't take any photos of this pool. So here it is!

The girls are having races in their tubes!

More races


Me on lifeguard duty.

Zara, look at me I did it!
(she retrieved the rings from the bottom of the pool)

Michaela showing off her flips

Girls with the special couple!

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